Cafe Sur is a cooperative that purchases its coffee 
from five main areas in Tolima. Together with 
Nordic Approach (the importers of this coffee) they 
have initiated a program called “Programa da Finca” 
to incentivize growers to produce coffee of exceptional 
qualities. Growers get paid premiums based on cupping 
scores. Growers are inspired to produce better quality 
when they see the benefits and rewards of the program. 
We are very excited to offer you lot #4 and lot #7!

Country: 	Colmbia
Farm: 		#4: Edgar Lopez, Rogelio Orozco, 
			Raul Rodriguez, William Zambrano, Ramiro
			Diaz, Heriberto Leones, Camilo Mendez 
            		#7: Jaime Lozano, Raul Duran 
Region: 		Tolima
Processing: 	Washed and dried on small patios 
			or parabolic drying beds
Variety: 		Mainly Caturra, some Castillo
Altitude: 	#4: 1900 - 2100 masl
			#7: 1800 - 2000 masl
Harvest: 		#4: May-June 2014
			#7: June 2014



Juicy and bright, with notes of black 
currant and rose-hip

Burundi is a very exciting coffee origin and we 
are happy the new crop is in! The producer of 
this coffee (Salume Ramadahn) is investing in 
really improving quality. Coffee is being separated 
in different lots based on region, pickings, processing 
methods and fermentation techniques. In this cup, 
enjoy bright and juicy flavours, with notes of black 
currant and rose hip.

Country: 	Burundi
Farm: 		About 500 smallholders
Region: 		Kayanza
Producer: 	Salume Ramadahn
Processing: 	Washed and dried on raised beds
Variety: 		Local heirloom, mainly Bourbon
Altitude: 	1800-2000 masl
Harvest: 		April-May 2014